Strategy Games 2020

The trend for online strategy games continues to grow in 2020 and especially PC-based multiplayer strategy games. New strategic games are emerging each year and it is interesting to discover the best of them.

The list below shows the ranking of the best free strategy games 2020 for pc online. All of these games are available on PC, mac or even for some linux via web browser (no download). Many of them are mmos (rpg or rts 2020), in other words games that are played several times in an instant. Very soon the list will be updated with the strategy games 2020.

1. Vikings: War of Clans

vikings war of clans

This is the strategy games 2020 reference. This free rts brings together millions of players in the middle of a Scandinavian war in which you have to create your tribe of vikings. Your goal is to grow your nation with resources (Food, Wood, Iron, Stone, and Silver), build buildings, and train an army to compete against other players. Vikings is a massively multiplayer strategy and management game, it is one of the most played now in 2020. Vikings is also available on mobile (iOs and Android).


2. Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

game of thrones

GoT is a new strategy game pc 2020 published by and having the distinction of relying on the famous TV series Game of Thrones. You will have the mission to conquer Westeros, the world of Game of Thrones, will have to build a castle, gather an army and participate in massive clashes. The game features fights of up to 10,000 units and opposing hundreds of players at a time. It has graphics of very good quality in 3D and is of course free to play. If you like medieval strategy games, you'll love this one for sure.


3. Throne: Kingdom at War

throne kingdom at war

Always on the side of medieval pc games, this game of the publisher Plarium remains one of the best in its category in 2020. The creation of a castle will be your first task to perform and probably one of the most important. Each player will have to create or join an order during the Middle Ages and make it as powerful as possible. This is a gathering of players and this is one of the main features of the game. Collect resources, upgrade your castle, fight battles and earn points to your order to climb the rankings. Throne is an online multiplayer strategy game, very cooperative and with excellent graphics. It is available on browser (pc or mac) as well as on mobile (ios and android).


4. Tentlan


Tentlan is part of the games through which you have to create your empire and make it prosper over time. What makes it exceptional compared to others is its atypical universe inspired by the Mayan culture. So, plan your project in South America in one of the first civilizations, build all the necessary so that your inhabitants can cohabit, develop an economy and found an army. So it's a free war and strategy game online, focusing on the evolution of technology through the ages. The more resources you have, the more you can evolve your technologies and the more your friends will dread you.


5. Pirates: Tides of Fortune

pirates tides of fortune

Pirates: Tides of fortune is getting closer to Vikings loan in its gameplay and graphics. This is a pirate game in which you will be a pirate captain and will have to expand your troops as much as possible and then lead attacks against other players. Its one of the few free strategy games 2020 addressing the theme of pirates. You will be led to manage resources, conduct diplomatic and military actions on a massive scale. The game is published by Plarium and available without downloading online.


6. Stormfall: Age of War

stormfall age of war

Stormfall mixes two worlds at once, the medieval and the fantastic. It's a free strategy game played in 2020 by Plarium. We will enjoy beautiful graphics in 3D with a view on the top. Create your medieval castle, send your men to collect wood, iron or other resources used in its construction and design an army. Diplomacy is also present in Stormfall, as well as clan systems. This will allow you to play several, not for your account, but for that of your clan. Stormfall is among the best strategy games 2020


7. Souverain des Dragons

souverain des dragons

Dragon Lord is rated as an "mmorpg" for his very adventure-based gameplay, but the further you go in the game, the more strategy you'll have to keep moving forward. The gameplay is more and more complex, you will have to make more and more powerful creatures and it will be necessary to adapt your formation of heroes accordingly. It's up to you to make the best decisions against other players and have your team triumph through the levels. We recommend it for its advanced gameplay for a no download game, although it is not the basis of a strategy game. This one is free and massively multiplayer.


8. League of Angels 3

league of angels 3

LoA 3 is a browser-based role-playing game that includes a number of strategic mechanics. The game is recent and millions of players play in 2020, among other things that makes it its strength and reputation. Join a heroic-fantasy adventure in which you will train a multitude of heroes and other characters. The strategy is done in the optimization of the statistics of each character in order to make it a major asset for his training. Each player has his character set and will have to put him in competition with the others. That's how you gain experience and levels. League of Angels 3 is available on PC and Mac on browser. It is also part of the top online pc games 2020


9. Klondike


Klondike is a new farm management and casual type simulation game. You will have to lead an adventure through a series of quests while continually improving your farm. The strategy will be in the good management of your resources, you will have to make sure to make your place more beautiful possible with the help of animals, plantations and infrastructures. It is a casual game because you will be able to play it very occasionally, without ever losing the game. It is ideal for players who do not want to spend hours every day playing.


10. Goodgame Empire

goodgame empire

Empire is the first game of the publisher Goodgame, specializing in military online strategy games. In the latter players have to develop their empire during the medieval period, build a castle, houses, infrastructure to collect resources and food and develop an army made up of several units of soldier. The game is played in real time, the best way to make the difference against other players is to manage in the best possible ways your empire but also to make alliances with the right people. This is where the whole empire goodgame strategy is.


11. Legend of Junior

legend of junior

Just like Dragon Lord seen right above, Legend of Junior is a role and strategy game in which you will have to manage several heroes. You will start with a single hero that you will train, then you will recruit many others and have them in your team of heroes. The highlight of Legend of Junior is its very manga and Asian universe that is rare among multi-player strategy games. The adventure does not happen in the Middle Ages, nor in the future, but in a fantasy and imaginary universe invented from scratch. Again, the game is played without any download for our happiness at all.


12. My Free Farm 2

my free farm 2

This is the second installment of the game series My Free Farm edited by Upjers since 2020. The game is well-established, it's up to you to manage and operate an agricultural farm, raise animals, grow fruits and vegetables and produce a whole bunch of crops. The main goal is to optimize the farm to be as profitable as possible and thus to advance faster in the game. As a whole, the game is rather a solitary game, although there are some mechanical multiplayer all the same. For example, you can contact other players and discover the progress of their farm to compare with you. This free strategy game is more for girls, but many boys are still registered.


13. Dragon Awaken

dragon awaken

Although it is not a purely strategic game, we wanted to place Dragon Awaken in this ranking for the quality of its gameplay. The latter is a free-to-play RPG game with no download of action and combat whose plot takes place in a wonderful and fantastic environment. Always in 3d, you will enjoy sumptuous landscapes from your pc or mac without download and free. Create your avatar, personalize it and perfect it by fighting.


Strategy games pc online

Strategy games occupy a very large place in the world of gaming in a global way, there is today a very large number of them either online games or physical games. In the beginnings of the internet it was simply possible to play the most famous of them (ex: chess, checkers, solitary, ...), but now in 2020 strategy games much more advanced at the level of their rules ( or gameplay) as well as their graphics have emerged.

The concept is always the same, achieving a goal in the best possible way by appealing to his strategic mind. You can now be confronted with hundreds or even thousands of online players in massively multiplayer real-time strategy games, also called by the barbaric name "rts" for "massively multiplayer online real time strategy".

Types of strategy games:

There are a multitude of different strategy games. We first distinguish the single games multiplayer games, although today it is much more common and interesting for the player to play multiplayer because it does not face artificial intelligence (that of the computer) but another player somewhere in the world.

Then we have different kinds of strategic games, it can be board games, management games (farm, airport, city, military base, space base, etc ...), games of colonization , war games or role plays (mmorpg type). In each of these games, some of the gameplay is strategic.

Most of the strategy mmo adopt a context and a specific time of the past or the future. You will be led to play in any type of environment, whether in a medieval, futuristic space, science fiction, contemporary, pirate, World War II, castle, and more.

Finally, there are real time strategy games in which you will be able to play with other players connected at the same time as you, offline games where this is not the case. The interest of playing in real time is to be able to interact and communicate instantly with others, develop group strategies (clans) and enjoy a much deeper immersion in the game.

The way to play in 2020 :

Online game publishing and development companies have understood the interest of players to play together, and that of playing in environments always different and new. As a result, they now offer mostly advanced gameplay mmo rts and 3D high-definition graphics.

Strategy games 2020 are also playing more and more on mobile (smartphone or tablet) or by web browser without any download or installation required. So you can play on most operating systems (windows, mac, linux), just using an internet connection.

As for the price of the games and the economic model chosen, it is now more common to find free games adopting a "free to play" model compared to paying games at the time of purchase. Gaming companies therefore offer each player the opportunity to enjoy the game for free and pay only if they wish to move faster, or to unlock additional features.